Foil/Epee Mask with Bib with Velcro FIE/CE 1600N

FIE Update 2018
Cod. : 525
€ 244.00

FIE/CE 1600N FOIL Mask with NEW ELECTRIC BIB with Velcro.
The high resistance (>1600N) bib has been partially covered with electric material as per new F.I.E. requirements.
Connection to the electric jacket is through 2 crocodile clips on a length of electric wire to be attached to one of the 2 flaps (RH or LH) inside the bib.

The stainless steel AISI 304 metal mesh with compensated double corrugation has high characteristics of non-deformability and the wired used in the plot is produced with a special cooking process of our exclusive production, which makes it particularly resistant to breakage and deformation.

In addition, before starting the plot, each batch of wire is tested and certified according to the specifications of the FIE regulation. Once cut and printed, the mesh parts are then fixed with a careful manual welding process.

The result is a mesh with sturdy features, elasticity and a particular “memory” in maintaining through the time the shaping gave to the mask by the fencer to adapt it better to his headform.

​Particular attention is placed to realization of details which results in an increase in the level of safety and in a significant increase in the life of the product.

Color: BLACK

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